How we pack our DISPLaGO for shipping.


All our cases are kits and need to be assembled that is why we ship them in a flat boxes. Because we try to give best shipping prices we use different carriers for every  DISPLaGO situation. 

DISPLaGO display case is the best way to protect your model so DISPLaGO display case comes with film attached to the acrylic to protect it from scratches on delivery and needs to be peeled off. We use  1/8″ acrylic for most of our cases.

The most of DISPLaGO case are parallelograms and when shipped have a layer of a thick cardboard between every piece (like sandwich). After that it is wrapped in a foam or bubbles and put in a box. Do NOT USE KNIFE to open your box!

We try very hard to pack our DISPLaGO display cases so they not damaged during shipment because we all know how the delivery works.

If the packaging appears damaged, please check the contents and contact us immediately if anything is broken.  Do not sign for package if you fill it is damaged inside. It is very hard to get something from post service after it is signed. We always have replacement parts in stock for our customers. Those will be ready to ship to you as soon as possible.

If you think you are missing parts or pieces, please, contact us. We will send you replacement as soon as can. Some pieces are very small, please check your box before contacting us. We take picture of every DISPLaGO before shipment to ensure that we included everything.

Notification of DAMAGE or SHORTAGE must be received within 48 hours of delivery.

If you need help or have a question, please, contact us at for customer service.

Thank you

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