Display Case for LEGO® #75306 UCS Probe Droid


What’s in the box:

* acrylic panels  * 20  axles   * 40  studs   * Manual

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Display Case for LEGO® #75306 UCS Probe Droid
L x W xH
Inside Dimensions 320mm x 130mm x 240mm (30x16x30)
Outside Dimensions 8mm (5/16 inches) more on each side

LEGO® #75306 UCS Probe Droid NOT included

Please note: This listing is for the display case only. The sets, figures or baseplates in the pictures are for illustration purposes only.

PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK that your set will fit comfortably within these dimensions before you order.

Weight 10 lbs
LEGO® Apollo 11 Lunar Lander #10266 Display Case

with The Earth Background, clear Background

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